About us

With over 40 Years’ experience designing and manufacturing custom rugs + carpets, we have had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects around the world. In partnership with architects and designers, our priority is creating and delivering positive outcomes for our clients.

Covering every consideration builds better products, achieves consistent results, and transforms Interior spaces.

Our maxim: Listen, Advise, Resolve, Accomplish.

Custom Service

From your specific briefs, we produce a series of colour matched hand painted designs to scale, capturing the intended finished aesthetic, providing clients with extensive design and product resource.

Designs are developed in accordance with strict standards in both conception and realisation, consistently maintaining high standards of production quality control and design ethic.

Our process includes continually producing new styles and techniques for the demanding Interior design market, leading the way in innovation and development. fulfilling interesting, dynamic projects on budget, on time every time.

Our products utilise premium quality, fabric, yarns, and fibres, ranging from 100% Wool – Silk – Nylon XS. with proven longevity, guaranteeing lasting visual and tactile appearance.

Scope: Practicality/Functionality/Maintainability/Longevity.

1: Corporate
Global Branding, lobby, reception, and meeting room rugs.

2: Residential
Bespoke feature rugs and wall to wall carpets.

3: Hospitality
Bespoke designs, wall to wall rugs/carpets. Hand tufted, Machine tufted, Axminster, Jet printed.

4: Heritage
Specific Commissions, design and material matching bespoke Axminster


Specifying the ideal proven material, yarn fibre, is paramount for a high performing finished interior.

Site visits are essential to determine correct size, style, texture, and colour within the intended interior.

Having a thorough knowledge of European traditional and heritage design, allows us to provide the exact design aesthetic for projects that require historical reference.

Quality control samples (loan) for all projects are available on request.